Saturday, December 1, 2007

It looks like it will be COLD tomorrow!

The weather forecast for tomorrow is cold with some snow and wind. Unless it becomes a storm we will be performing. If you plan to brave the weather make sure you wear protective clothing.

Its easy to get to Bluebell Meadow by car. From Center City, take Lincoln Drive to Rittenhouse Lane (1st traffic light on Lincoln Drive). Turn right. Go to Wissahickon Ave (first traffic light), turn left. Go to Walnut Lane (2nd traffic light), turn left. Follow Walnut Lane towards Henry Ave. Go around the circle on Walnut Lane so that you are heading back towards Wissahickon. The first right past the circle is the entrance to Bluebell Park.

From Chestnut Hill: Take Wissahickon Ave to Walnut Lane (last street before Lincon Drive). Turn right. Follow instructions above. Hope to see you there!

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