Wednesday, January 30, 2008

More photos of Jan 27 performance

It turned out to be a glorious winter day! The forecast had been for cold wet snow. The day before had been overcast and cold. Knowing how slippery it can get when its wet, especially on the stairs down to the waterfall, and imagining how awful it would be if someone hurt themselves (even the most experienced outdoors people can slip and sprain an ankle in this sort of terrain) I sent emails telling people to wear water and skid-proof shoes. I believe I may have scared audiences away, as not too many showed up. I have to remind myself that this is OK., part of the process. Thanks to all who did show up! Your energy was peacfeul and attentive. We felt supported and appreciated.

As it turned out, it wasn't too cold. The temperature was made more bearable by the warmth of the sun. The light brightens the spirit.

Above & below: Shavon on the edge

Above: Toshi uses a fallen tree as his musical instrument.
Below: Toshi plays the bowls

Above & below: Jumatatu lunge and arch

Above: My son Gabe on the ice

Above: Olive in the foreground and Shavon accross the creek

Olive curls up


Photos by Pepón Osorio and Gabriel Osorio-Soto

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