Sunday, February 17, 2008

Reflection on today's performance

This morning before going out to the park I doubted, why are we doing these performances? Yesterday's rehearsal had been tough, oh so cold! We almost ran back to our cars, our feet and hands no longer numb, simply hurting. Although unspoken, the doubting was palpable,

except for Noemí— she was happy, thrilled to be out in the winter sun,

and Toshi, as always quiet and present.

So today, upon meeting,
it seemed appropriate to
try to remember why
we were there.
No good doing this
without loving it.
How to turn the
doubting around,
how to reconnect
with the work?

The doubting is useless,
self-defeating. How do we
survive the hurting cold?
Move away from the pain;
use the walk to the site to
reconnect/warm-up to the
point of contact, to figure out how to
hold the branch through layers of gloves, how to move the fingers to keep the warmth flowing.

We arrive at the site, set
up the video cameras, and
begin. I so appreciate these
artists! The doubting was
discarded in the parking
lot; everyone tunes in.
Stillness. Listening. Patience.
Slow, slow, slow, shifting into
balance. Quiet, attentive, present.

The performance unfolds. Almost
immediately a woman jogging
by repeats over and over again,
thank-you! this is great! this is so
inspiring! have a great day!

Bikers and walkers pass us from all directions; they seem comfortable with us, as are we with them. We all are present, connected, calm, holding the space. The mood has shifted. No more doubting.

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