Sunday, March 9, 2008

Today's Performance

Lately, every time the wind picks up I feel a longing to go to the woods. I have been wanting to dance with the wind in this project. Today was the day. The wind was everywhere. Cold, very cold, yet the brightness of the sun warmed the spirit.

Today was fairy day. Each of us chose a space along the path to work in.

I chose the pond. It was clean, shiny, filled with fresh water from the recent storm. The water rippled gently with the wind, a myriad patterns and reflections filled the stillness and quietude with movement and sound.

When I saw these pictures I was surprised. I had no idea one could see my reflection in the water. From my vantage point I only saw the sunlight sparkling in the water! Its as if the water reflects back my inner world focused on and honoring the dead. I am reminded of African traditions for which the spirit world is the inversion of the living world. The dead live on in us; they are reflected in us.

Toshi started near me by the pond and then moved down the path. His sensitive music traverses distances and unifies the group.

Jumatatu worked high on a side path, Lazarus among the trees.

Olive chose to work on top of a rock along the main path. Here she is, pushing/ riding the edge of balance.

Shavon , high on the bridge, was a beacon welcoming the sun and the wind.

open the body
open the heart
open the mind
open the spirit
honor life

dedicated in loving memory to
Henry Soto
Joan Goldenberg

Photos: Pepon Osorio


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See here or here

noemi said...

i participated / held the space at a distance: in puerto rico. this was my dance: