Sunday, April 27, 2008

Forbidden Drive on the rocks- 4/28/08

At the water's edge

Motion in stillness

Always shifting into balance

Multiple loci within and without, shifting connections across distances

Riding the edge of balance

Hold the space patiently, present, solid as the rock I stand on, ancient as the rock I stand on. Steady. High. The water rushing below sweeps everything with it, a formidable challenge to the balance. I sing the flow within me as I move into stillness.

Challenging the balance

All the elements intersect in me.

I recognize the power at the crossroads,

the delicate shift that opens other worlds

whirlwinds of power

Bells, rattles, sticks and stones

Rhythms resonate in the bones

Music singing with the stream, the wind, and the songs of the birds

Can I maintain the dance of balance in the everyday world of people?

Will they let it be?

What does my presence speak to you?

Will you remember?

Working on the far side of the creek with Shavon, high along the path, Jumatatu saw all of us, but was invisible. I never saw him. This reminds me that my first explorations in the Wissahickon involved trying to become invisible through harmonizing with the environment. So much of the work is about moving into resonance, fine-tuning energy, focusing in.

Jennifer Morley joined us. Like Jumatatu, she was working towards invisibility. Pepón has captured her image--- tall as the trees, reaching, grounded, resonant.

Photos: Pepón Osorio

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