Monday, December 10, 2007

Photos of yesterday's performance

Olive Prince on the bridge across Mt. Airy Ave path. Photo: Deanna Bond.

Yesterday was the last performance of the Fall cycle in the One Year Wissahickon Park Project. Thanks to all who attended. The cold and rain make it less appealing for audiences to come out. We too long for the sun. At the same time dealing with the cold and dampness pushes us to go more deeply inward in the performance practice. One has to move into the center of the body, more finely and specifically.

Olive Prince and Shavon Norris. Photo: Pepon Osorio

Jumatatu Poe. Photo: Gabriel Osorio-Soto

Shavon Norris. Photo: Pepón Osorio

Merián Soto. Photo: Karen Bond

The Path. Photo: Pepón Osorio

Olive Prince. Photo: Marcelo Osorio-Soto

Noemí Segarra (center/red) and audiences: Photo: Karen Bond