Sunday, September 16, 2007

First Performance! Oct 7 @ the water wall

The first performance in the One Year Wissahickon Park Project cycle will take place Sunday Oct. 7, at 10:30 AM.

The site will be the
waterwall (my name for it). Its a wall across the river. I believe it was part of one of the mills that used to line the Wissahickon. Its broken and it breaks the gravitational flow of the river into myriad flows and songs.

Directions: The waterwall is off of Forbidden Drive, just north of the Pachella Field entrance (off Henry Ave), or the Mt. Airy Ave entrance (off Wissahickon Ave); and south of the Valley Green entrances. It should take 10 to 15 minutes to walk to the site. Don't worry about being late. We will be there at least 45 minutes.

Layer your clothing as the park is considerably colder than the city. You may also want to wear sunglasses. You will probably want to wear comfortable walking shoes.

Travel light! Bring only the essentials. Bottled water might be a good idea if its a warm day.

Take advantage of your trip to enjoy the park
, take a leisurely walk, or make this a stop on your walking, biking, or jogging program.

Its up to you how you want to engage with the event: stay a long time or leave quickly; go away and come back; see it in passing. Its up to you.

These photos of a performance on June 30, were taken by
Pepón Osorio.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Merián Soto/Performance Practice
One-Year Wissahickon Park Project

Hello! Welcome to Merián Soto/Performance Practice’s One Year Wissahickon Park Project blog.

The One Year Wissahickon Park Project is a creative research project of 16 performances in Wissahickon Park spanning the four seasons. My intent is to shape a number of performance experiences in nature in order to experience their evolution over time, the seasons, temperature, and weather.

The project is part of my Branch Dance Series which has also included dances for the stage. The Branch Dances investigate correspondences between movement, the elements, physical experience, alignment, balance, consciousness, and performance. The work involves the practice of moving into stillness, the investigation of gravity as an essential force; the detailed sequencing of movement through inner pathways; and dynamic shifting into balance and alignment. Working with attention to connecting somatic, energetic, and mental processes, the dances with branches are centered on consciousness in action, in performance, and in practice.

Since 2005 I have conducted dozens of solo branch dance performances in the park as part of my investigation of somatic performance. These have been for the most part "spontaneous" in that they have been unannounced. The One Year Wissahickon Park Project allows for a more formal exposition of the work.

The first performance of the project is scheduled for this coming Sunday, October 7 at 10:30AM. Please check back for site information and directions!