Sunday, April 13, 2008

Feedback and photos from our friends

I am happy to publish these pictures the April 6 performance taken by my friend and colleague Karen Bond along with a spontaneous response poem from dancer and choreographer Leah Stein. I am grateful to Karen and Leah for witnessing the work and contributing to the blog. The personal responses are much appreciated.

From Leah:
Thank you for inviting me, in the Sunday rain,
to the waterfall this morning.
Ducks; big-billed and happy.
Thank you for the sounds of
rivers thinking.
Water circles, glimmer stone,
trunk shining wet.

Thanks for the moving stillness of tree-tempo,
poncho in the wind fluttering with the force of
branches curved and divided & solid and long
talking of fish and battles.
Careen. Triumph. Yield. Cast.

Casting into geological time.
Arching back and body deeply.
Stick stories emerge.

Purple fisherman! Standing tall.
On the wall above the river.
Catch. See the stick bearers.
That’s ok. He’ll keep fishing.
Far and near together.

Sunday morning glitter stone.
Shining wet ducks.
Purple fisherman unjostled.

An offering to endurance.
A song to awaken calm.
moving in between the everyday.

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