Monday, April 7, 2008

Yesterday's Performance

April 6 performance. Its spring. Warmer than its been for our performances, but still cold. Wet. Windy. I turn around the minute I step outside my house; I go back in for more clothing. It slows me down but its OK. Its important to protect ourselves, no use pushing the edge too far. I have been performing a lot the last few days. I have loved it, but I'm tired.

Other things slow us down. Its OK, its that kind of day. There are very few people in the park. We smile at the familiar faces. Its great to be out here, so quiet, so solitary, peaceful . I choose to stand on the the Drive today. Its self-preservation at work. I need to be quiet, simply holding the space, finding balance.

Noemí, Shavon, Jumatatu and Toshi perform by the falls. They share the wall with a fisherman, Mike.

Jumatatu works with a spectacular branch. Its like a small tree.

Toshi's music connects us across the distance.

Its interesting how the branch dances and fishing are alike in the stillness.

Mike seems to have caught a mermaid!

I find out later that the wind has knocked the dancers off their feet!

We are all dancing with the wind.

Photos: Pepón Osorio


noemi said...

negotiating space w/o words.
fisher man in all blue
close proximity



holding a space
w/o words
w/o words
being in close proximity
& relationship w/o words
being understood w/o words
non verbal communication

push the edge
still ok
no rush
go to the closest possible edge
w/o tensing that it breaks
not causing discomfort
au contraire!

am i dreaming?

why cant life be more this way?

thank you mike, the fisherman.

you taught me SO much.



noemi said...

i will comment and further my thoughts on this park experience
it was deeply meaning full
and a very very challenging special one...

still thinking and digesting.
more to come!